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Home > How to get in touch with distributors in China?

Unlike suppliers, Chinese distributors seldom promote their business in overseas. That is the reason why it is not easy to find appropriate distributors in China for a foreigner.


However, it would be an effective way by the following steps to find qualified distributors in China for selling your products. Before setting up to visit China, you should get sufficient preparations, and then your costly visit could be very productive.



1.  Search online to get general concept of the market that covers your products.

2.  China distributors normally do not have website or web listing information in English for they focus their business in local market. You need a professional business service company to help you.

3.  A commercial service company can help you find reputable distributors in China, with company name, products range, market channels and industrial applications, and contact information, etc.

4.  Analyze the information you have and initiate the contact with potential distributors. 

5.  Develop relationship with the potential distributors of your interest, a local business service company can give you help in communication.

6.  Visit the distributors in China and finalize the cooperation agreement. The best time to visit your distributors in China may be during trade shows or some industrial convention, seminar or workshop.


Sell to China, supporting through local business service provider!

It is beyond doubt that the consumption of China with one fifth of world’s population is very huge. Nowadays, sell to China is a gradually increasing and big business. Many foreign companies are reaping the rewards of selling to China. And you may also make it if you do.


But before you set out to sell to China, you should first establish a presence or a contact in China. Surely, you may invest your own office or corporation in China, given that you’ve got enough preparation, which requires a large initial investment.


However, if you do not want to go so far in your initial trial, there are other options. A foreign-oriented business service provider, your supplier, client or distributor in China are all in the range of your choice. Pick up one that is most appropriate for you. You’d better visit your counterpart in China at time when you go to China trade fairs, forums, or some other time.


Sino-Biz thinks, the most cost-effective way to sell to China, especially for small and medium sized companies, is through the supports of professional service provider with local knowledge and experience. Business service provider can assist you greatly in your market planning, development and operation, as a powerful strength to penetrate your market in China.