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Roy Tzeng Team, as a buying agent China, with over 10 years of experiences in sourcing service, can handle everything well for your buying in China. Sino-Biz can handle for you the following works.


* Sourcing for new products and suppliers

* Sourcing for existing products

* Sourcing for whatever low or high volumes

* Product development

* Rapid Respond and arrangement

* Process and manufacturing development in China

* Outsourcing manufacturing management

* Extensive and dedicate quality control

* Facilitate & Co-ordinate the Buyer's visits to China

* Controlling the raw material

*  Negotiating the best prices from reputed suppliers

* Production updates to the buyer

* Communication and co-ordination

* Timely deliveries and shipment arrangement


Roy Tzeng team, long engaged in China business service, is ready to give you support on the ground like appropriate factory seeking, quality control, logistic, problem solving, etc., and thus to make your sourcing in China more effectively and cost-savingly.