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Home > How to solve the problems in importing from China

Have you ever come across these problems when considering in importing from China?

 · I never buy from China. Does it benefit for me if sourcing China? How to find the right supplier? Can I get good service?

· Facing a couple of suppliers, which one is the best for me?

· I have big range of items to sourcing China, how to organize and manage suppliers to cooperate well?

· I am looking for new products to expand my market; can I find more new products from China for my market?

· I have my own design. How can I get a reliable supplier who would not copy my design? How to protect it well?

· My suppliers do not deliver on time to me. They often do not fulfill as what they promised. This gives me a lot of troubles, so how can I solve this problem with suppliers?

· How to make sure the quality of the goods from supplier?

If I receive products in poor quality, how to solve the problem with suppliers?

 For all these problems you come up with in sourcing from China, Sino-Biz (China) Business Service Co.,Ltd. as a professional China sourcing agent, can give you solutions. .