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Home > What are the best products for China market entry?

Under the recent situation of global economy depression, China is one of the world’s few markets that maintain stable growth. Supposing you are planning to initiate your business in China, you definitely want to know the possibility of selling your products there. What kind of imported products are more attractive to Chinese market? Do my products really have competitive advantages, comparing to those made in China? …


Here is the category list provided by Sino-Biz for your reference with the information of the most suitable products to be exported to China

** Food and Beverage:

  • Exotic foreign food is gaining popularity. The most favorite imported foods at present in Chinese market are mainly dairy products, snack foods, kitchen supplies, tropical fruits,  etc., for instances, cheese, butter, fresh milk and yogurt, cereals, biscuits, coffee, chocolate, candy, canned food, spices, edible oil, and so on.
  • Besides, imported wines carry a cachet that local wine cannot match like red wine, vodka, whiskey, etc.


** Luxury goods:

  • From handbags to garments to watch to cars, foreign brands always have an image that no Chinese brand can match. China's richest annually spend 2 million Yuan on average by an authority report.
  • Specifically, Watch and car are the biggest spending luxury items for the richest. Despite the global economy downturn, China's consumption of luxury watches never reduces.  Ranking seventh in total imports, China's high-end watches is very prosperous with an  amazing growth of 64.1% in 2008.


** IT Equipment and Services

  • While China is strong in the manufacture of computers and some networking equipment, manufacturers of high-end IT equipment still have a major competitive advantage.
  • Advanced IT implementation and consulting services are usually bought from the best
        companies in the industry, many of which are foreign.


** Architecture and Construction:

  • As cities compete to develop flagship buildings, the best foreign architecture firms are in a great position to benefit.
  • Global firms that specialize in particular areas of construction – such as nuclear power stations, railways, airports, specialist factories, stadia, and other infrastructure – are valued for their expertise.


**Specialist services:
From business consulting to management training to technical supporting service, through to industry-specialist services, Chinese firms are keen to buy the services of the best companies, most of which are outside China.


China is sending more and more of its students overseas. Education is becoming one of the most lucrative industries for several countries in their trade with China.



Is your product covered in this list? Obviously, it is not an exclusive one. If you are making arrangements for China market entry, you definitely need to understand the local market, and then tailor your products to fit it.