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Nowadays there are different kinds of factories existing in China. There are small factories with only few employees also there are large factories with tens of thousands employees. The capacity of the production and the quality standard differ from each other.


Thus, to ensure the smooth cooperation between you and the factory, it’s quite necessary for you to verify the real situation of the factory to see if the factory is qualified before you begin to work with them.


If you are:


1)      the first time to import large quantity products from China;


2)      planning to establish long term business relation with an unknown Chinese factory;


3)      planning to cooperate with a Chinese factory for a specific project.


In the above cases, it’s better for you to perform a factory audit before you move to next step, either in regard to your current suppliers or your new potential suppliers.




Our China factory audit service can be customized by our clients according to their specific need.


 Generally the following aspects will be considered when performing the audit.



* Factory ownership, Business registration, and organizational structure


*Office departments and administration


*Infrastructure, facilities, cleanliness, and security


*Equipment, production, and capacity.


*Quality control, testing, and product standards awareness.


*Environmental controls.


*Raw material supply chain