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Home > Three ways to find a qualified supplier in China

To source the qualified supplier, the buyer needs to check and compare at least 3 suppliers and compares the conditions among them. Usually, there are different media by which the buyer can get to know the suppliers. Here is the ways which buyers outside China usually use to find suppliers.


 I. From the Internet. Internet become more and more important in our business process. Many business can be done without going out of the office. Many B2B websites such as Alibaba, Made-in-China and Globalsources is playing an important role in helping buyers to find qualified suppliers. The only disavantage of doing business on the Internet is that the buyer can not verify if the supplier is qualified and cannot 100% rest on what have been introduced by the supplier. And thus, there is unexpecting risk existed on it.


 II. Attending Fairs & trade shows. Fair & Trade show can provide a direct chance for the buyers to meet face to face with the suppliers. On the fair, the buyer can meet different suppliers by using only the shortest time and thus it’s a very important way of finding qualified supplier.


 III. Third party business service To save the cost and energy and reduce the risk in the sourcing process in China, there is also a good solution. That is, to find a buying agent in China such as Sino Biz (China) Business Service Co., Ltd ( ) to work for you. The agent can work exclusively for your company as your buying agent. As a professional agent, they can source the best supplier, and also pay a very important role in the quality control. It’s a very good way to avoid any scams and the possible risk for you.