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Home > How to get a better price from Chinese suppliers?

Generally speaking, goods from China are competitive in prices. But as lots of wholesalers and importers are importing from China, price is also very important factors in sourcing from China. How to get a better price from different Chinese suppliers? Here are some tips for those who are sourcing products from China.


1)      Compare at least 3-5 factories (the more you compare, you would have more varieties to choose but it would take you much more time), you can find different prices in different quoting way. Choose the best two factories and then compare the conditions.


2)      Do not choose those big companies unless you don’t care about the prices. Usually, large company’s cost would become much higher than those medium and small factories. To get better prices, you should choose the medium /small ones which can make the products as well as the big companies. The only thing you should be careful is that you should pay attention to the quality when you choose small factories. Some purchasing agent (such as Sino Biz China Business Service Co. ltd. Site: would be helpful to you in this regard.


3)      Never ask for the MOQ. It is easy to understand that the factories will give lower price to those customers who will buy large quantity. If you keep asking every item in MOQ, the factory would regard you as a small importer and will quote to you the price in a rather higher price range.


4)      Give the factory a larger quantity to get the factory’s ‘lower’ price according to their normal price policy. Usually, the factory would not increase the price even if your actual order quantity is not as large as you the one you given them in asking for the prices, as they are eager to get the order.


5)      Talk to the final decision-making person directly. Usually, the sales can only give you the price according to their policy. There is still some space for you to negotiate. If your order quantity is large enough, you can ask the sales to introduce you to their manager or the boss (for small factory). Usually, this way, they can give you better price than the sales.


6)      Find some buying agent in China to work for you, usually their commission is only about 1-3%, but they can negotiate even 10% lower than you can negotiate, as they are very familiar with the factories and can get much better prices than by yourself. They have the advantage in sourcing agent in China. Also they can do quality control service in China to ensure you to get the products in good quality. The above mentioned company Sino Biz is an experienced buying agent in China which you can try on their services.