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Here is the payment term for the whole order process.

Order process


Sourcing for products

No need to pay

Negotiating prices

No need to pay

Preparing samples

No need to pay

Confirming orders

Traveling cost + 30% commission

Quality control

Traveling cost

Shipment & Documents

70% Balance commission

    For different individual services, including secretarial service in China, quality control service, fairs participating service,  our customers only need pay to us after enjoying our comprehensive services and feel our service is worthy of being paid.  Service before payment is the way we cooperate with all our customers.


Service Guaranteed

1)     Honest and trust:

Honest and trust is the foundation of all of our work. We are devoted in serving our customers from the beginning to the end. We only receive the commission from our customer and work totally for them. Any hidden commission (active or passive) from any other party will be considered as faulty behaviour and should be punished.  All the information including prices and transaction conditions between suppliers and our customers are open during the whole process. We would accept signing the contract with our customer regarding this issue and would accept any claims regarding any dishonest behaviour on the eyes of both our customers and the products suppliers.

2)     Efficiency and accuracy

Our service team is working in a high effective way. All your orders will be handled in proper way and in quick response. All the inquiries and e-mails will be solved and replied within 1~12 hours without any mistakes.

3)     Cost-saving

Cost-saving would be proceeded in the following aspects.

i)              Finding the supplier with the most competitive price in the same quality criteria

ii)             Finding the most costing-saving transporting method for samples and shipment

iii)            Saving the cost for customer in different aspects in different order process.