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How to export to China? Many foreign merchants are thinking about it. Is it really possible, even for small-sized enterprise to export to China? Yes it is! According to Sina-Biz, long engaging in foreign business service in China, the following recommendations are a shortcut to successfully export to China.


       1. Website is a good access to introduce yourself with informative content about your
           product and company. Adding a Chinese version for your website. Most merchants
           in China don't speak English.
       2. Advertise on local business media in Chinese. If you don’t know what media is
           appropriate for you, consult from a local service agency.
       3. Fully make use of internet, for example, some local industry website. A local service provider like Sinz-Biz, usually can give you support for your hard searching and matching activities.
       4. Try to contact possible buyers, and build trust relations with them. Participating at least one big influential Chinese trade fair that targets your product or service. Also, Sino-Biz can assist you better execute these activities.
       5. To establish a presence in China such as a sales team, a representative office, a trade company. In this stage, Sino-Biz help you organize and manage your team in China, to support and expand your market in China as much as possible.



The above 5 pieces of advice on how to export to China are concluded from our own experience. As a professional business service company for foreigners, Sino-Biz in China takes the responsibilities of market entry guide, market communication and coordination, and business development as well, especially for your earlier stage in China.