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Established in 2002, Sino Biz is a professional sourcing agent in China, specializing in providing comprehensive service to customers who are importing from China or exporting to China.


  Our main business service includes both buying agent service and selling agent service, covering sourcing, purchasing, business investigation, factory auditing, quality inspection (production inspection and pre-shipment inspection), business guide, negotiation support, delivery support, legal contract support, importing and exporting agent etc. We can act as simply your 'buying office' or 'sales office' in China, trying to save your cost and reduce the risks in your business in China.

Our advantages:

I. Rich experience in business service sourcing for well-known international companies.


II. Professional inspectors with rich experience in inspecting different kinds of products including home appliance, home & garden decorations, gift wares, hardware, mineral & metallurgy, personal care, rubber & plastics, automotive and motorcycles, security & protection, telecommunications, tools etc.


III. Low cost in handling orders in three most prosperous provinces. We have offices in three cities: Xiamen, Guangzhou, Yiwu which is located in Fujian, Guangdong and Zhejiang province, almost all kinds of products can be searched in these 3 provinces.


IV. More than 5000 China suppliers’ database covering various aspects of industrial products and components in all applications, including electronics & household electrical appliances, hardware & tools, vehicles & spareparts, building materials, lighting equipment, consumer goods, gifts, home decoration items in different material, textiles & garments, shoes, office supplies, cases & bags.


Our Mission: To create value for our customers

We believe only after we created values for our customer then we will get the values for ourselves. That’s the reason why we survive. We aim to save the money, save the time and control the risks for our customer when they import from China or export to China.




Our Core Value: Honest, Devoted. Professional and Team work


Honest: Honest is our Basic value of our work.


Devoted: Spare no effort.


Professional: Be professional in all services


Team Work: We work as a team and also work with our customer as a team

Why choose us? Why not choose the factory directly? The reason would be summarized as follows.


We usually charge 3% of the total value as our commission for all the service we provide to help our customer import from the factories in China. Why our customer chooses us, not from the factories directly to save the 3% commission? We aim to create values for our customers. We help our customer to get better price, control the risk and save the time to import from China. We believe that we can create more than 3% values for our customer through our service.


1) We can provide directly or find good supplier in China with better price through our network. We are Chinese company. We know the market very well. It’s easier for us to negotiate the price for our customer.


2)We help our customer to control the risk in importing from China.


a) Before our customers place the order, we will check the factory’s existence and its credit to guarantee it’s not a scammer, and also will check the factory’s producing capability and quality level to ensure it’s an qualified supplier for our customer.


b) During the production, we will follow up the goods to make sure it’s delivered on time. And keep update to our customer if there is any change. Meanwhile, we will check the quality in different producing stage.


c) After the goods are ready to be shipped, we will have a detailed inspection in the quality, quantity, packing and all the other issues to make sure that the goods are conforming to our customers’ requirement before delivery. We will issue an inspection report to our customer in each order.


3.  Our work helps our customers save much precious time and energy and make all the deals much easier. We will follow up the orders, inspect the goods, arrange all the shipping documents and all the other works for our customers. For our customer, importing from China become easy and safe.