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Sourcing Suppliers & Products

Our procedure for finding right suppliers for our customers:


1) Through communication, we get the requirement from our customers regarding the price and the quality and some other special requirement.


2) Based on the requirement, we begin to source for the relevant qualified suppliers from our data base or from the fair.


3) We will compare at least 5-6 suppliers on their price, quality and lead time and choose one or two best ones for our customers' final decision.


All the suppliers should be investigated in the following aspects.


1) Check the supplier's basic information;


2) Check the company's capablity of production (quantity of workers, machines, management, scape of the factory workshop)


3) Check if the factory have the QC system and managing policy;


4) Check the factory's supplier to see if the material is coming from the right sources;



 We have a strict management of our suppliers data (more than 5000 suppliers are in our supplier's list). We devided them into 4 grades according to their proformance. The suppliers with bad proformance will be deleted from our list.