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Quality Control Service

Sino-Biz provides a range of quality control services for our clients, including factory audits and quality control, pre-production, in-production, final random sampling, pre-shipment, and loading supervision.

Inspection services also include audits of supplier capabilities, i.e., systems, management, and operating procedures, based upon specified quality requirements, including but not limited to, quality systems, manufacturing processes, equipment calibration, procurement, raw material management, semi-finished/finished product management. Checking and verification of product safety, quality, quantity, workmanship, function, colour, size, labelling, packing en route to determining product consistency and compliance with different country, industry, or otherwise-specified requirements.
We can act as your 'eyes' in the factories in China. Product inspection involves statistical selection of production samples to check visual and organoleptic aspects including labeling, marking and packing requirements.  Final random inspection on the entire consignment reduces import risks. This service is catered to large OEM orders or machinery manufacturing in China.  

Sino-Biz performs Quality Control throughout China for importers worldwide.
Provide us with your specifications online, and our qualified Inspectors and Auditors will perform production or pre-shipment inspections on your behalf, directly in the factory. Our mission is to save you more and reduce the risks in your business in China!